Everyone who has tried to grow a business knows that hiring the right people is the hardest part. Getting this right doesn’t deliver success on its own but getting it wrong pretty much guarantees failure. So it would be reasonable to expect that most companies would use a specialist tool to hire.

There is Asana or Trello for managing projects, Constant Contact or Mailchimp for email marketing, and Hubspot or Marketo for marketing automation, as well as Xero for accounting, surely hiring is seen as a specialist job? Not so much.

Beyond email and spreadsheets

Beyond email and spreadsheets

Too many businesses try to run their recruitment efforts out of their inbox and when that gets overwhelmed (soon after) they turn to Excel. Spreadsheets are great for many jobs, they suck at hiring.

Jot down the basic stages of your current hiring process. Starting from the point where applications come in, it might vary a bit but it probably looks something like this:

  • 1
  • 2
  • 3
    Phone screen
  • 4
    On-site interview
  • 5
    Final interview
  • 6

For anyone who has worked a sales job this is recognizable as a pipeline. The hiring pipeline is a useful device because it offers a high-level view of where everyone is in the process. Recruiting software takes the influx of applications that come with effective job ads and sourcing and funnels them into a streamlined process.

Rather than floundering with an inbox full of resumes and a thicket of spreadsheets tracking candidates’ progress, the recruiting pipeline tracks and manages multiple candidates from application through to interview and an offer.

In the case of Workable, the recruiting pipeline enables hiring teams to work together collecting all comments, feedback, notes, social media profiles or assignment results on the same page. It removes the need for endless email threads and avoids the possibility of misplacing vital feedback or conversations with candidates.

Judgement not drudgery

The point of online recruiting software is not to eliminate human judgement, it’s to get rid of the drudgery in the hiring process.

The point of online recruiting software is not to eliminate human judgement, it’s to get rid of the drudgery in the hiring process. Saving time on data entry, coordination and administration liberates the people doing the hiring to concentrate on the people they would like to hire. There are hard people decisions to make in recruitment, for everything else there is software.

Jeff Dickey-Chasins
James Gill @JamesJGill
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Before Workable our process involved Trello, emails, and lots of messy conversations. Moving to Workable for managing our hiring process was very similar to the time we moved to using a proper CRM to handle all our customer / sales conversations – nothing slips through the cracks, and we're now running a considerably more efficient, slicker, and fairer hiring process. I'm struggling to see how Workable could be any more perfect for us. It's awesome.