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May 2018

Workable, Inc. announces release of new GDPR Feature Pack

Tools automate GDPR compliance for recruiting professionals globally

BOSTON, MA: Today, Workable announced the release of its GDPR Feature Pack, designed specifically to help customers meet key recruiting requirements of The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). Using their new package of tools, Workable customers can prepare for GDPR now.

“We’ve seen a huge increase in questions and urgency relating to GDPR,” said Rachel Bates, Workable’s SVP of Sales and Marketing. “These questions are coming from European customers, and from global companies with European operations or the potential of hiring in Europe. There’s clear demand in the market for tools to help recruiters and hiring teams manage their GDPR compliance. We’ve developed and released this new package of features in advance of the deadline so our customers can take the lead.”

With the 25th May deadline and threat of financial penalties fast approaching, Workable customers can use the new feature pack to put candidate data in order and embed new processes now.

Key features include:

  • A customizable Privacy Notice for recruitment. This is automatically sent to both sourced and active candidates.
  • An optional, candidate consent check-box. Under GDPR's legitimate interest caveat, candidate consent is implied. But, for customers wanting to seek active consent, a check-box can be included on every Workable-generated application form.
  • An auto-delete feature. This automatically removes candidate data based on chosen time frames, significantly lowering the risk of illegal data being stored.
  • A right to erasure option. Using this, candidates can control and delete their own information.

“Workable is a global company,” said Rob Long, VP of Product Strategy at Workable. “No other applicant tracking system supports so many SMB and midsize companies in so many different countries. Thousands of our customers are based in Europe or run European operations. They all rely on Workable. We felt it was only natural for us to take a lead on GDPR because we're the leading global ATS. We wanted to make sure our customers have the best tools available as early as possible so they’re well prepared from day one, and can grow and remain compliant from there.”

GDPR’s mandate is simple—to give Europeans more control over how their personal information is used. But meeting that mandate and demonstrating compliance presents complex challenges for recruitment, an industry so heavily reliant on candidate data.

Workable supports GDPR-compliance as standard, which means users can meet GDPR requirements using any Workable account. But for recruiters with more complex hiring needs their newly-released GDPR Feature Pack offers an automated, global solution. Available as part of their PRO plan, it specifically targets all of GPDR’s recruiting requirements to promote compliance quickly and efficiently. The feature takes seconds to activate and once set-up runs by default across whole accounts.

“Our starting point when designing Workable's GDPR features was that GDPR compliance shouldn’t make the day-to-day job of hiring harder,” said Thanos Markousis, Workable’s VP of Operations. “We went with a 'set it and forget it' approach. Instead of requiring our customers to regularly take various actions in order to comply, we’ve built a highly configurable, automated process that, once set up, promotes compliance without leaving room for human error.”

About Workable

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