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April 2024

Workable and SOFTONE Group integrate best-in-class business tools

Digital transformation of HR in southeastern Europe surges to a new level with the full integration of two leading business and HR software solutions in Greece.

The recent collaboration between Workable and SOFTONE Group has taken a significant step forward with the formal integration of their innovative HR and business solutions. This advanced partnership marks a milestone in providing integrated cutting-edge software solutions between Workable’s comprehensive HR suite and SOFTONE Group’s robust business software platform.

This means specialized recruitment technologies developed by Workable will now be directly accessible within SOFTONE Group’s territory, including Greece, Cyprus, Romania, and Bulgaria. These solutions are also designed to blend seamlessly with SOFTONE’s wide-ranging Human Resources Management Applications.

The result is an HR management solution that optimizes all aspects of human resources management and employee experience from job openings, recruiting, evaluating and hiring the right candidate, to onboarding and handling routine tasks related to their job capacity. Through this new integration, users of both companies can easily transition a candidate from Workable Recruiting directly into SoftOne as a new hire and full-time employee.

Nikos Moraitakis, CEO of Workable, says of the integration: "The modern business environment requires seamless operations across multiple functions that can adapt with evolving needs. In our case, we are two leading tools that the Greek market already knows and trusts. The full integration of these tools means a unified, comprehensive solution that allows businesses to operate at full capacity – including personnel recruitment and management – within a single tech stack.”

Referring to the new partnership, the CEO of SOFTONE group, Mr. Panos Martinis, stated: "At SOFTONE we see significant global trends that are reshaping the way companies approach people management and talent recruitment. The increased mobility and competitiveness of the labor market drives all companies to become better at attracting, retaining, and developing talent. A successful people strategy mandates the use of best-in-class digital tools that optimize talent recruitment and provide seamless integration with all other aspects of people management and value-added services to the employees. The SOFTONE - Workable partnership provides thousands of companies with access to the best and most comprehensive staffing and HR management tools that will drive and support their organizational success."

For more information please contact: [email protected]

About Workable

Workable offers a comprehensive suite for hiring and employee management, making HR tasks simpler and more efficient. It's designed to help companies of all types manage their recruitment and HR processes in one place.

Workable Recruiting is a world-class Applicant Tracking System that’s helped make more than 1.5 million hires. It’s a game-changer for the hiring process with AI, a full sourcing suite, and top-tier integrations with major job boards. It speeds up hiring by automating routine tasks like scheduling, emailing, and texting – helping hiring teams focus on finding and hiring the best. A full recruitment reporting center makes for informed decision-making at every point of the hiring process.

Workable HR is everything a company needs to manage a dynamic workforce. It’s highly customizable to handle personal data securely, track & manage employee time off, create reports, and connect with payroll systems. With org charts, company directories, and mobile app, it’s never been easier for the HR team, or the employees.

In addition to Workable’s HR Suite, Jobs by Workable connects millions of job seekers with opportunities in companies using Workable, and Workable’s Branded Job Boards allow communities and networks to set up their job boards to attract specific talent.

Workable has helped over 27,000 companies hire all over the world, becoming one of the most reputable names in HR tech.


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