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Facilitate all of your HR operations with Workable

Workable has everything you need for your HR team to recruit, onboard, and manage your employees in one single solution, made by one of the most reputable brands in HR tech.

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Since 2012, the world’s best companies have depended on Workable to find, hire, and manage the people they depend on.

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Source, hire, and manage with one
comprehensive system

Find the best candidates for every role

Workable connects you to 200+ job boards with AI to recommend the best talent for your open role (from over 400m profiles), with custom careers pages and an intuitive referrals portal.

Automate your hiring & onboarding

Workable makes hiring simple with custom workflows, automated onboarding, self-scheduling, integrated offer letters and e-signatures, as well as fair and unbiased evaluation tools.

Manage your entire organization

Streamline your HR operations with dynamic employee profiles, automatic org charts, and detailed time-off management tools with custom policies and approval processes.

Manage & demonstrate compliance, easily

Workable has comprehensive built-in security and compliance features to help with the most common, and stringent, regulations: GDPR, EEO, OFCCP, and the CCPA.

Simplify payroll

Workable’s platform offers exportable reports of what you need and robust payroll integrations with leading payroll providers like ADP, Xero, Paylocity, and more, so you can run payroll seamlessly.

Performance management   coming soon

Empower your employees with our upcoming performance management tool. Track goals and KPIs, utilize reviews and scorecards, and customize performance cycles with automated reminders for streamlined processes.

All the reporting you need

Get insights on hiring, diversity, time-off, and more through automated reports and custom analysis. Easily track salary budgets, offers, and hiring timelines for every department.

Accelerate with AI

Workable’s proprietary AI is built-in to your HR workflows. Source the best candidates, build job descriptions & interview kits, write emails, and more– all personalized for your company.

Source & attract the best

Workable Recruiting

Post to all the top job boards

Automatically post roles to 200+ jobs sites globally, in dozens of languages. Connect recruiters easily, with all candidates coming right into Workable for easy review.

Careers pages that convert

Enhance your employer brand by quickly upgrading your career pages using our careers page builder, or create unique sites with our API for a conversion-optimized candidate experience.

Instant sourcing with AI Recruiter

Get a list of the top passive candidates instantly for every role, launch instant social media campaigns, and search 400+ million profiles with our advanced AI.

Harness your employee network

Leverage Workable's referral portal to attract top talent. Streamline the referrals process with reward tracking, instant employee access, and real-time referral statuses.

Fully-featured applicant tracking

Workable Recruiting

Evaluate candidates collaboratively

Our intuitive dashboard means your hiring team can adopt Workable in no time. Get anywhere in 3 clicks; from viewing job statuses and candidate progress to evaluating and moving candidates through custom pipelines.

Fair and consistent evaluation

Enhance hiring fairness with anonymized screening, objective scorecards filled out mid-interview, comprehensive assessments, and clear action items for managers, ensuring consistent and unbiased evaluation of candidates.

Automated scheduling & communication

Workable’s self-scheduling tools and automated communications pipelines make life easy for candidates and hiring managers. Save time with Google and Microsoft integrations, automated messaging and advanced self-scheduling.

Texting, video interviews and assessments all built in

Workable has all the tools that the best recruiting teams need. Communicate by text message, set up customized video interviews and even send cognitive and personality tests - all built-in.

Centralized hiring planning

Comprehensive tools to plan your hiring, manage requisitions, track budgets, and keep every stakeholder in-the-know, every step of the way with customized workflows.

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Advanced reporting & analytics

Workable Recruiting
Workable HR

Track, share, and improve all your HR processes with real-time analytics. From standard, automated reports with detailed filters - including Time to Hire, Time-off Balances, Diversity Surveys, and more - to custom, enterprise-grade business analysis.

Pull comprehensive reports on your hiring plan to easily see total salary budgeted and offered, time spent to fill a requisition and more, across every job and department.

Seamless, automated onboarding

Workable HR

Custom e-signable offer letters & documents

Create branded documents & offer letters. Upload templates with placeholders so you can fill in key details accurately when it’s time to hire. A chain of approvers can be sent the key details of an offer so they can approve or reject before it’s shared with the candidate.

Onboarding portal for every new hire

Welcome new hires seamlessly. Create personalized workflows, welcome pages, e-signature documents, and pre- and post-joining tasks, all managed easily via a comprehensive onboarding dashboard.

Dynamic employee profiles

Make employee management easy with dynamic employee profiles for new hires to fill out, integrated directly into Workable HR for immediate, comprehensive records from day one.

Manage your employees easily, and securely

Workable HR

Organize employee information

Use multiple profile templates to collect the exact information you need for a certain location or employment type, every time. New hires begin creating their employee profiles during the onboarding process. The great news – they can continually update their profile as employees making it a breeze for HR teams to stay up to date.

Company file storage

Have some common documents for your employees? Keep them all in one place that’s easily accessible for everyone. Have employees e-sign them, too.

Build your org chart automatically

As employees are added (or their record changes), your org chart automatically updates, linking out to everyone’s profiles with all changes tracked, giving new hires a bird’s-eye-view of the company.

Time-off tracking & approvals

Workable helps employees easily request and track their time off, and managers easily approve or deny requests. With the company calendar, see when employees are out of the office at a glance.

Multiple policies and accrual options

Tailor your time off policies to fit the needs of different locations or work types in your organization. Assign policies and accrual rules to the right employees, and track and award time off based on specific criteria. Employees can preview their available future time off using the balance calculator.

Upcoming Workable Features
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Workable HR

Empower your people to grow, develop, and succeed with our upcoming performance management tools. Give them a complete view of their career timelines. Track their progress one to one. Set up and adjust custom performance cycles with automated reminders.

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Time and attendance tracking

Workable HR

Give your employees an easy way to track their hours in our upcoming time tracking module, and generate comprehensive timesheets that managers can approve or edit easily. Then, create detailed attendance reports that you can export to payroll, or analyze alongside the rest of your reports.

Complete your HR process with easy integrations

Integrate Workable into your existing tech stack with 280+ integrations, including payroll, emails, calendars, job boards, internal messaging channels, and more.

Communication & calendars
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Workable integrations logos
Performance management
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Learning management
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