Reports and analytics

Get a solid understanding of your current hiring status to plan your future hiring strategy. See performance reviews of your process and uncover the bottlenecks.


Workable reports

Use hiring reports and analytics to refine your recruiting process. Track the source of your most qualified candidates to improve job board ROI and see the progress of your open jobs. Drill down into aggregate data to assess your hiring speed over time and analyze activity reports to help your team improve.

Workable's recruiting reports can be exported to CSV or PDF, helping you to make clearer, data-driven decisions with your team.

Where are my best candidates coming from?

Are you advertising jobs in the right places? Track source reports to identify the origin of quality candidates, from job board to recruiters. Use these metrics to optimize your recruiting spend.


The candidate source report
See how many candidates are arriving via every channel, from paid advertising to recruiters. Check the strength of your employer brand: how effective is your own career page or social media strategy?

The referrals report
Make the most of your employees’ networks with a referral program. Track the source of candidates and offer rewards for successful referrals.

How long does it take us to hire?

Get a solid understanding of how long it really takes to hire and use that to plan your future hiring strategy. Uncover the bottlenecks in your pipeline; see where candidates are getting stuck and where you can improve.

Workable recruiting reports help optimize your hiring

The hiring velocity report
Find the average time it takes to move a candidate from sourced/applied to any stage in the candidate pipeline. Spot the inefficiencies and use these reports to track improvements over time.

The time to hire report
See the time it takes a candidate to get from source/applied to hired. How quickly are your team making decisions? How long does it take them to spot the right candidate—and where is more help needed?

How much effort goes in to making a new hire?

Analyze these reports for a performance review of your hiring team. Find out who’s delivering the most candidates and how much effort is involved in moving candidates forward. Export the data for integration with your internal company reports.


The productivity report
An activity dashboard for your recruiting teams. Get an overview of all team activity and find out where the majority of recruiting effort is spent, from emails to interviews.

The activity report
A complete audit trail of your hiring team’s activity. Export the data to focus on an individual team member or candidate. How many people does it take to make a new hire?

How efficient is my hiring process?

How many candidates should you phone screen to provide enough quality candidates for interview? Does this change by department or job type? Get a data-driven view of your screening process to plan future hires more effectively.


The historic pipeline report
Track the number of candidates who have moved through pipeline over a given time period. Spot the problem areas; eg, such as too many candidates for interview could indicate the need for a more effective phone screen.

The current pipeline report
See the status of every job on your Workable dashboard. Get an at-a-glance view of the positions you’re hiring for and the number of candidates at every stage in the hiring pipeline.

Should I re-advertise or close a job?

A healthy recruiting process requires a healthy flow of candidates. While specialist jobs receive fewer
applications should you be re-advertising for more?


The candidate flow report
Track the number of candidates entering the pipeline over a given time period. Compare this with similar hires in the past to establish when to re-advertise and when you’ve reached the expected number of applicants for the job type.

The candidate breakdown report
Access and export the details of every candidate in the pipeline; customize the data to work with your internal HR system; from names and contact details to education and experience.

Take the data entry out of EEO reports
Workable helps ensure that your company meets relevant EEO/OFCCP compliance with automatic EEO reporting. Taking the data entry out of the process, an EEO/OFCCP survey can be sent to every candidate. Save time and get useful metrics on all candidate responses, or for a more detailed view download information about individual candidates.

Export your recruiting data
Workable offers smart filters for breaking down and exporting your hiring data. Create and share professional reports instantly with the export to PDF function or perform further analysis with your team by downloading your reports in .CSV format.

Hands-on access to your recruiting data

Every Workable plan comes with the full suite of recruiting reports but we can also provide direct access to your raw recruiting data via Amazon Redshift. Integrate this with your preferred business intelligence tools like Tableau, Periscope, Tibco and Chartio to provide the custom KPIs and robust recruiting analytics you need. Find out more about custom recruiting reports.

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