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People Search

Expand your sourcing strategy and connect with candidates online. People Search is the most effective way to find email addresses, resumes, social and professional profiles and more.

Instant email and resume look-up


People Search is a Chrome extension. Click the icon when sourcing talent anywhere online. People Search will look-up candidates' email addresses, resumes and more.


Contact candidates in fewer clicks and increase response rates

People Search does the hard work for you, automatically searching millions of online profiles and trusted data sources to find email addresses and contact details. Reach out to prospects directly with an email to their personal inbox.


Build better talent pipelines

Qualify every prospect and get to know candidates before you reach out. Use People Search to discover a prospect’s key interests, see contributions to social and professional networks and verify their social graph. Add only the most viable prospects to your pipeline.


Review and download resumes in seconds

No matter where you begin your search online, People Search will build a full candidate profile, including work experience and education. Save up to 30 minutes research time per candidate as People Search aggregates and organizes information from multiple sources in real time. Download the best profiles as PDFs for your own database.

The best recruiting toolkit for sourcing candidates online

People Search is a complete sourcing toolkit. No matter where you start your candidate search, People Search works with you. Discover more about each prospect in less time and ensure every candidate in your pipeline has what it takes to become a successful hire.

  • Workable

    Look up candidates by name

    Already have the name of a great candidate? Click the Workable icon to open the search window and enter the name directly.

  • Workable

    Right click search

    Discovered a great prospect online? Highlight any name online and right click to view a full profile in real time.

  • Workable

    Social media sourcing

    Find candidates on Facebook, Angel.List, Twitter, Github, Dribbble and Behance. Use People Search to view a full candidate profile.