Find more great people through
your great people

Referrals lead to candidates most likely to stay and succeed. They also provide a better ROI (reducing time to hire and cost per hire). If you’re scaling up, leverage the full power of your growing employee network. Elevate referrals by providing structure, transparency and trust. And make it easy and compelling for employees to engage.

Reach a hidden talent market

Finding the right candidates is the hardest part of recruiting. Get some help. Give employees the tools they need to refer talent quickly and professionally. Submit referrals using a resume, an email address or by sharing a social profile link.

Track progress and reward success

Remove demotivating blind spots in the referrals process. Keep employees up-to-speed on their referrals’ progress through automated updates. Show a live and accurate summary of all referral rewards obtained.

Evaluate candidate quality and source

Pose standard questions to referrers to guarantee context, streamline process and ensure legitimacy. Analyze candidate sources through comprehensive reporting. Filter internal applicants and referrals to prioritize.

Advertise internally and retain your best people

Hiring externally is more expensive than promoting from within. Notify all employees about open roles using an internal job board everyone can access. Empower employees to apply without fuss. And encourage talent you’ve already hired to stay and grow with you.

Boost your brand through social sharing

Who better to sell your brand than your own employees? Make it easy for your people to share job ads on their social networks. And turn employees into company advocates and effective marketers for your brand.

Guarantee support and structure

Ad-hoc referral programs can make employees reluctant to engage. Provide structure and substance to the process through automated software. Eliminate uncertainty around who does what, when. And empower employees to endorse or reject their own referrals.

Two special types of candidates

Workable Referrals optimizes two rich pools of talent. Generating a strong ROI, these two special types of candidates justify their own process. Contact us for further details:


Retain your best people. Make it easy for employees to view and apply for open roles so they can build their career at your company.


Some of the best talent isn’t on the market, but your employees know them. Grow your referrals program and empower employees to grow your company.