Targeted Candidate Sourcing from Workable

Find, qualify and engage candidates faster, from a single platform

Workable’s candidate search engine scans millions of online profiles. In seconds, browse detailed results including resumes, social footprint, contact details and more. Add the best candidates to your open roles, and reach out with a personalized email. All in just a few clicks.

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6,000 companies have sourced over 80,000 candidates
using People Search, from Workable

  • “I can source 100s of candidates each day, verify their social graph and connect faster with People Search. One simple tool, job well done.”

    Michelle Coventry

    Michelle Coventry,
    Talent Advisor, Kindred Capital VC

  • “People Search saves me hours of research time each week.”

    Willem Wijnans

    Willem Wijnans,
    Talent Advisor,

  • “The real Workable seller is the People Search function. I almost don't want to talk about it, because I don't want other people to know about it.”

    Diana Helmuth

    Diana Helmuth,
    Operations and Recruiting, Dash Robotics

Finding the best talent takes time. Automate manual labour with People Search.

People Search is Workable’s built-in candidate search engine. Scan millions of online profiles and multiple data sources with a targeted search:

  • Skills search & Boolean queries

    Whether you’re looking for a developer or a marketer, pick your skills to search for the perfect candidate. People Search supports Boolean Queries

  • Location Search

    Qualify candidates before you reach out. Find candidates in the job’s location

  • Company Search

    Source candidates from specialist companies in your target location

  • University Search

    Find candidates from the best universities related to your target industry

  • Add to your pipeline

    In one click, add candidates to your talent pool or hiring pipeline

Personalize outreach and see your response rates rocket

The time saved through faster candidate sourcing can be used more effectively to build and nurture relationships. Reach out to candidates with an email personalized with information gathered through People Search.

Workable People Search
Contact candidates in less clicks

Reach out to prospects directly with an email to their personal inbox. People Search automatically scans millions of online profiles and trusted data sources to discover personal email addresses and contact details.

Improve your talent pipeline

Qualify every prospect and get to know candidates before you reach out. Discover their key interests, see contributions to online networks and verify their social graph.

Review resumes and work experience

People Search gives a full view of candidates, including work experience and education. Information is gathered from multiple sources in real-time and organized into a unified candidate profile.

No data entry, no duplication

A single click will add the best prospects straight to your Talent Pool or directly to the hiring pipeline for a specific role. To avoid duplication, Workable automatically highlights candidates already in your account.

People Search is a Workable product. It only searches data that has been shared publicly online. This comes from social and professional networks, and vetted third parties. See the Workable privacy policy for further information.

Your personal online recruiting assistant

People Search is also available as a Chrome extension. Discover more about prospects in less time and share the responsibility of candidate sourcing and referrals with your team.


Whether you’re searching networks like GitHub, Angel List, Facebook or Dribble, you’ve read an insightful blog post or seen a great talk online, simply highlight the prospect’s name in your browser.

People Search will show a detailed candidate profile, revealing any candidates who are already in your Talent Pool or a pipeline for a job. Add the best prospects to Workable with one click.

Never lose sight of a great prospect.

Streamline recruiting with Workable

People Search is part of Workable’s all-in-one recruiting software

From organized candidate profiles and a robust applicant tracking, to structured interviews and a full reporting suite, Workable gives hiring teams the information they need to make the best choice. Workable is available for desktop and mobile.

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