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Put down the phone. With one-way Video Interviews, a premium tool from Workable, you can identify your best applicants without a single call. Instead, candidates answer your questions at their convenience — and you review their responses at yours. It’s a process proven to help you screen more candidates, get better responses and make faster decisions with your hiring team.

“We’re using the new Video Interviews tool to pre-screen candidates and move quickly into the interview step. Normally, we have daily open interview sites, where any interested candidate can come by. This process is not possible for us right now due to the crisis. This tool has helped us bemore efficient during this time and get our jobs done. Thank you!”

Brandi Hale

Head of People and Culture, Salad and Go

It all happens right in Workable

Video interviews are sent and reviewed in the same place you’re already evaluating candidates, so it’s easy to maintain momentum. Here’s how it works:

Select which questions you want candidates to answer

Send them the link to record their responses

Invite your hiring team to leave and compare feedback

Advance the best people to the next stage of your pipeline

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