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Finding the right people for your team shouldn't be a struggle. Workable offers free hiring tools for managers who want a straightforward, easy-to-use system to help them hire.
Utilizing AI, Workable’s Free Tools for Managers make creating interview questions and evaluating candidates a breeze. Plus, you can manage several jobs at once, all within Workable.

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Generate an
interview kit

Simply type in your job title, choose your industry and tone, and you’ll get a tailored interview kit in seconds. This includes welcoming and closing questions, core questions, and follow up questions. Asking the right questions is crucial to finding the right person, so you can create an account to regenerate and edit specific questions or change the tone – and save your interview kit for later use.

Evaluate candidates

Once you have your interview questions, upload your candidates by typing in their email address. Workable will fetch their publicly available information and build them a full profile in seconds. Then, you’re able to use their profile to ask them your generated interview questions and fill out their interview kit as you go, all within Workable.

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Job description generation

Our AI generated job descriptions are tailored for your role, including relevant content for your industry. Workable has seen millions of job descriptions, so we know what works. Boost your reach with inclusive language and SEO optimization to drive more applications.

Organize your hiring

Workable’s Free Tools for Managers help you organize your hiring by keeping multiple jobs in the system at once. Your job descriptions, interview questions, and candidates all in one place.

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We’re here to make hiring easier

Evaluating candidates can be a challenge, especially for small businesses with limited time and resources.

Workable’s Free Tools for Managers are here to help you find and hire the right people with less stress.