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“Chris/the Partnerships Team has been absolutely wonderful to work with, and I’m looking forward to working together on campaigns. Workable is a platform that UpStack uses to facilitate the vetting process for our software engineering talent and we love it!”

Chloe Mason

Head of Partnerships, Upstack

Chloe Mason
"DBR members love Workable because it is intuitive, smart, the pricing is transparent and they can get up and running fast with the free trial."

Matt Buckland

Community Admin, DBR

Matt Buckland
"With offices in 30+ countries, we needed a tool that was flexible enough to handle all sorts of talent acquisition needs. Here, Workable has been a godsend! It doesn't matter if the hiring manager is Head of People for a sizable country office or an Associate at a just launched office, Workable has given us exactly what we needed!”

Nathan Cohen

Sr. Director, People & Platform,
Endeavor Global

Nathan Cohen

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