GDPR compliant recruiting software

Manage the requirements of GDPR quickly and effectively with all-in-one recruiting software

What is GDPR?

The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) gives Europeans more control over how their personal information is used.

Wherever your organization is based (even if you’re outside the EU), if you’re processing the personal data of EU residents GDPR applies to you.

Still using spreadsheets to manage your hiring?

If your organization is planning for GDPR compliance, then spreadsheets will prove problematic when storing candidate data:

  • Provide a poor audit trail
  • No access controls
  • Poor versioning
  • Easily duplicated and modified by anyone with access

Using spreadsheets to track and manage candidate data increases the risk of non-compliance with GDPR, and could prove costly if you’re hit with a GDPR fine.

How Workable’s recruiting software helps towards GDPR compliance

A compliant candidate database
  • Single point of candidate data entry with access levels for sensitive data
  • Automatic tracking of when and how candidate data was obtained
  • A secure way to delete, share or rectify candidate data
  • Auto-delete sourced candidates who have not been contacted within 30 days
  • Auto-delete candidates in archived jobs based on your chosen timeframe
Transparent communication
  • Editable job postings to communicate processing and privacy policies to applicants
  • Customizable application forms to ensure hiring teams adhere to data minimisation
  • Email templates to communicate policies to sourced candidates
  • Bulk email options for consistent, compliant communication with every candidate
  • Trackable team and candidate communication

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Workable has the tools you need to help hiring teams process your recruitment data in accordance with GDPR regulations.

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Workable is used by companies of all sizes, from SMBs to large organizations, including:
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Workable streamlines the recruiting process

Organized candidate profiles, robust applicant tracking, recruiting reports and analytics all combine to create a flexible, structured recruiting process.

  • “I like how Workable keeps everything in one place on the candidate’s profile. This saves so much time, prevents miscommunication and builds transparency.”

    Caroline Knox

    Caroline Knox,
    Executive Vice President and CAO, FP1 Strategies

  • “When we started looking for a new ATS one of our requirements was for everyone to be able to use it. Workable met this need perfectly.”

    Andrew Jervis

    John Grotegut,
    Head of Global Talent Acquisition, HireVue

  • “We all really love being able to move people through the pipeline, and the transparency of the process.”

    Andrew Jervis

    Andrew Jervis,
    co-Founder Click Mechanic

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