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Workable's mobile app, available for both iOS and Android, transforms your company's HR processes. With our app, hiring teams can manage recruitment anytime, anywhere. Employees have the convenience of tracking and requesting time off directly from their phones. Meanwhile, managers can easily review and approve these requests with just a few taps. Simplify your HR tasks and keep your team connected with one go-to app.

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Check what’s next

Open the Workable app and use it as your personal assistant. Easily view company updates, check your upcoming events, see which colleagues are out, and more. Tap on any event to see all the details you need, whether it’s reviewing the candidate’s profile or sending them a message before the interview.

Screen & evaluate candidates

Use your free time to look through applicants, wherever you are. View their cover letter, resume, social media profiles (like LinkedIn), and any video interviews or assessements to decide if the candidate will be a fit. If they are, move them ahead and even send them a personalized email template with next steps.

Text, email and schedule efficiently

With candidates’ contact information in your pocket, you can reach them easily. Send texts to candidates via Workable, keeping your personal number protected. Visit their profile to send them a self-schedule link, a video interview invitation, or quick email. Everything is tracked in their candidate profile.

Time off requests and approvals

The Workable app offers the ultimate convenience for managing time off. With a simple interface, they can swiftly track their time off balances, submit time off requests, and stay informed on the status of their requests. For managers, this app streamlines the approval process, enabling quick responses to time off requests and ensuring team schedules are always up-to-date. By bringing these features to your fingertips, Workable enhances communication and efficiency for both employees and managers.

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