Modern applicant tracking

Reviewing resumes and moving the best candidates forward is the backbone of any recruiting process. Workable streamlines these tasks by keeping all the information and tools you need in one place.

Review resumes

When you receive candidates or prospects for a job, it’s important to move quickly to review them with your team. The candidate browser displays everything in one place: resumes, answers to application forms and any files submitted.


Work through the candidates in your list; progress or disqualify individually or in bulk, without ever leaving the candidate browser.


Modern candidate

It’s important to keep the team up to speed with candidate communication. Workable’s smart 2-way email sync means that whether you email a candidate from inside Workable, or your own email account (Gmail, Outlook, Yahoo and more), the communication is tracked on the candidate timeline.

There’s no need to forward emails, or switch between applications just to reply to a candidate or mark an email as read. Work in the application that suits you best.


Comments and the candidate timeline

Keeping track of feedback is easy. Comments are organized as a timeline on the candidate profile. It feels as familiar as Facebook, with easy to follow messages and replies.
Assign different roles to hiring team members, to keep confidential comments between hiring managers only.


To get fast response from a co-worker, @mention their name. They’ll receive an email notification with your request, and a notification in their Workable Inbox.


Add tags to candidates profiles as reference for the future. Use them to create talent pools within your broader candidate database.


Candidate scorecards
and evaluations

Get feedback on candidates at every stage in the pipeline. In the early review stages, ask your team to add a simple evaluation. This is a rating and a brief comment explaining their decision.

As the candidate progresses, use Interview kits for a structured interview process. Access the scorecard and additional comments directly from the candidate profile.


Bulk actions

When it’s time to make a decision, Workable takes care of the admin with bulk actions:

Bulk emails:
use customizable email templates to speed up routine communication. Placeholder text is updated automatically with details like name and job title to give every email a personal touch.
Duplicate detection means that you’ll never send the same email to a candidate twice. Workable’s templates work with Outlook, Gmail or your preferred email account.


Move or disqualify:
when candidates aren’t right for the job, select them all and disqualify with a single click. Equally, if you’ve found more than one great candidate, progress them all to the next stage in the hiring pipeline.


Copy or move candidates to a different job:
when candidates have applied for one position but are better suited to another, select them all and copy or move them to another job.


Get feedback from
your network

When you need to check a reference or review a candidate with a client, share all or part of the candidate profile outside Workable. Ask your contacts for their comments – they’ll be tracked on the candidate’s timeline inside Workable, keeping everything you need in one place.


Offer letters

Workable's Offer Letters and Offer Approvals feature streamlines and automates key stages in the offer process. This makes it quicker to write, approve and send every offer via Workable. To ensure a smoother candidate acceptance process, there are e-signatures, optimized for desktop and mobile.

This feature includes:

  • Offer document and email templates
  • Configurable offer fields
  • Approval workflows
  • Notifications and status tracking
  • E-signatures

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