Identify the best candidates faster with Assessments

Move the right talent forward with data-driven hiring decisions. Our cognitive and personality pre-employment tests are backed by science and delivered directly through the Workable platform, making it easier for you to hire the best candidates fairly and impartially.

Bias-free hiring

Bias-free hiring

Hire the right candidates with standardized job skill measures designed to decrease unconscious bias.

  • Objectively compare how well candidates perform on skills assessments with no influence from gender, ethnicity, age, education level, or other potential biases.
  • With tests in multiple competencies, you'll get a better sense of predictive job performance.

Evaluate candidates quickly

Enable quick hiring decisions with objective scoring and an enhanced candidate profile, allowing you to confidently decide who to move forward.

  • Recruiters set deadlines and automated reminders for candidates to ensure timely responses.
  • Candidates can complete anywhere, anytime and from any device.
Evaluate candidates quickly
Pre-employment testing built natively in Workable

Pre-employment testing built natively in Workable

No need to work with an assessments provider - choose from 5 personality and cognitive assessments, right in the job editor.

  • Send straight from the candidate timeline or schedule through automated actions.
  • Review results, accompanied with predictive job performance insights, as soon as the candidate completes their tests.
  • Recruiters leave feedback in one unified place without leaving the candidate timeline.

How do they work?

Workable Assessments were designed in partnership with psychometric testing experts and are continually refined in accordance with psychological testing best practices.
Assess candidates through:

Abstract reasoning

Assess the candidate’s ability to think logically and solve abstract problems

Attention & focus

Examine the candidate's ability to focus on individual elements to solve problems

Numerical comprehension

Assess the candidate’s ability to analyze numerical data to make data-driven decisions

Verbal comprehension

Assess the candidate's ability to analyze statements and draw conclusions

Workplace personality

Evaluate candidate personality traits based on the Five Factor Model of personality

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